October 7th, 2016

The Librarian

First snow today ...

... and, according to Environment Canada, we're now being blessed with "light freezing drizzle"; I have zero urge to look outside to see if this is true, especially as the site's icon for light freezing drizzle looks like heavy giant icicles plummeting out of a cloud (they look lethal)

Very glad that I made myself go the extra few blocks to get groceries tonight as the sidewalks are most likely gonna be unpleasant to try to walk on tomorrow (more freezing drizzle with bonus fog, which will probably be ice fog)

On the plus side it's a long weekend (Canadian Thanksgiving on Monday) plus I'm taking the rest of next week off as a looonnngggg overdue break. There are worse ways to spend day #1 than snuggled up inside with a mugful of something hot (with lots of refills) listening my way through that "Abolute Power" CD set I got the other day. :-)

P.S. Two skeins of yarn from Northbound Knitting (my first time ordering from this Canadian indie dyer) in my mailbox tonight ... very pretty! Photos tomorrow if there's any decent daylight.