March 20th, 2016

The Librarian

It's all over but the weaving in of yarn ends ...

Laid down the law to myself that I couldn't touch the handspun until I'd completed at least one of two almost-finished projects. And I'm reasonably good about this kind of self-disclipine most of the time. ;p So as of a few minutes ago, I bound off the final stitch of Slain. Yarns are all from a local dyer who lives in Banff; the colourways are "Falling Leaves" (orange), "Dandelion" (green), "Dark Opal" (brown).

Now I want a burnt-orange wool jacket/coat (a couple of shades darker than that colour in the shawl) to wear it with ...

The Librarian

The rewards of being "good"

"Slain" has had all its yarn ends woven in (my least favourite part of knitting) and now all it needs is a bath and blocking. And now my two skeins of luscious handspun are wound into one big ball (with the two adjoining ends colour-matched), the chosen pattern is printed and all is ready to cast on! :-)