March 10th, 2016

The Librarian

This one's for zappo (though the rest of you may listen if you wish, of course)

A contribution to her quest for the history of camp humour ... this is Canadian musical camp from the late sixties. I was singing this song many many years before I ever had a clue what it was about (along with the band's other songs about the invention of the birth control pill, Batman's sexual orientation, Peyton Place, the KKK's failed attempt to operate in Canada and lots of other interesting topics). And now that you know more than you probably want to about the kind of childhood I had ... (explains a lot though, doesn't it?)

Song title contains an extra "e" on the YouTube post; it's actually "The Wild Wilde West"


Just realized ... less than a month until "Visitor"!!!!!!!

And we're back to the formal, we-mean-business group portrait cover. Last year's Bren-looks-like-his-tea-just-went-down-the-wrong-way-due-to-something-Ilisidi-said cover was just so much more fun (and likely more intriguing to potential new readers, too ... I've always maintained that if the cover of "Deliverer" had portrayed that scene where Banichi's only wearing a towel and a gun**, it woulda sold millions of copies ***GRIN***)


**The guy is 2.5 metres (that's 8'4" for the users of archaic measuring systems) of muscle who moves like a cat. And his hair was unbraided ... for an atevi that's more naked than not having the towel. ;-)