February 28th, 2016

The Librarian

Pattern shopping and self-bribing

Have been cruising through the thousands upon thousands of patterns on offer in Ravelry looking for the perfect one to go with that handspun yarn that arrived last Monday (because some yarns get to immediately jump to the head of the queue, that's why). I'm not joking about that number either; as of this moment there are 28,819 shawl patterns listed on the site. And that number has likely gone up as I'm typing this post (also not joking; Ravelry is international and people 'round the world are continually adding to it 24/7). Qualifications that I've used to use to narrow things down a bit:

*Not over elaborate because I want the focus to be the yarn and its colours; fancy stitchery or lace will just be lost in the colours but I do want some texture/patterning

*Has to be a design that works with a single colour (I know this yarn is multicoloured but that's not the same as working a design that depends on the contrast between two colours in planned patterning)

*Because I want to use every bit of these skeins I want a design that is either for close to this amount of yarn or else one that can be extended to a larger size (which, depending on structure, isn't possible for all patterns)

*Preferably designed for this weight of yarn (it's possible to knit a pattern meant for a heavier yarn on thinner yarn/smaller needles but if it isn't a design that can be extended to compensate for that then one ends up with an elaborate handknitted pocket handkerchief. And some stitch patterning only looks good in heavier weights)

*I have to like how the thing looks (otherwise, what's the point?)

With all that in mind, my current possibilities list is now down to:

Nimbus by Lisa Mutch (extendable at outer edge)
Ischl by Monie Ebner (meant for yarn twice this thickness but is so huge that it will still come out a decent size in thinner yarn; extendable at midpoint)
Infuscate by Hunter Hammersen (an any yarn size, knit until you run out of yarn design)
Sinopia by Hunter Hammersen (an any yarn size, knit until you run out of yarn design)
Nacarat by Hunter Hammersen (an any yarn size, knit until you run out of yarn design)
Hamaya by Cecelia Campochiaro (extendable at outer edge)

I've veering strongly in favour of the Hunter Hammersen patterns; I'd been looking for an excuse (like I need one!) to buy her Curls ebook** (so I did, yesterday) which includes the three patterns I listed here plus some other good possibilities (though my favourite, Filemot definitely requires a more solid-coloured yarn to look its best)

Next step might be drawing Hammersen pattern names out of a hat ... ;p

**Actually, I want ALL of Hunter Hammersen's books. Just because. (and I just looked at her blog, Violently Domestic and discovered her very first is on sale at 25% off until tomorrow. So need to check if I've enough Paypal funds left, after the decimation of the handspun buying and yesterday's "Curls" purchase, to grab the ebook version now (I have a personal rule of never letting Paypal spending go past the cash in hand and onto my credit card)

Edited to add: Scored! With seven bucks and change to spare! (after allowing for the exchange rate) So I now also own a copy of the first The Knitter's Curiosity Cabinet book! (there are two more volumes in this series but those can wait until I've replenished funds)