February 2nd, 2016

The Librarian

Feeling insufferably proud of myself ...

... because I've just successfully edited two webpages to have fixed navigation bars on the right.** Considering both my CSS/HTML5 manuals seem to think navigation is a perversion that should be barely mentioned I consider this a major accomplishment.

**Fixed navigation rather than navigation that scrolls off the screen is a necessity. Getting the things on the right rather than the left eliminates a couple of major display problems with the main portions of those pages so now going ahead with the rest of the updating from frames/HTML to CSS/HTML5, plus the reformatting of the third page I do for our clients, is clear sailing! :-)
The Librarian

The magic of blocking

Y'know how I sometimes show you what one of my pieces of knitting looks like before and after it goes on "the rack" (aka being blocked)? Yarn Harlot has posted a spectacular example of blocking magic: Everything has an upside. I might have to add this pattern to my must-live-forever-to-make-all-the-things list. ;p