January 14th, 2016

The Librarian

Yes, I'm definitely going to have to live forever ...

Discovered earlier tonight that several Meg Swansen patterns from a book that's been out of print for ages and ages are now available in digital form. Swansen is the daughter of Elizabeth Zimmermann (aka "God" for many knitters; I own and treasure several of her books) and as much a fibre/garment engineering genius as her mother was, so a chance to acquire some of her classic designs is not to be passed up.

I indulged myself by buying:
Box-the-Compass (a radical redesign of the raglan sleeve/yoke)
Weeping Sun and Moon (absolutely gorgeous design!)
Gordian Knot Modified (this sucker is knitted with lace yarn, which is thicker than sewing thread but not by much)

Phoenix Cardigan is still not available but we can dream ...