December 27th, 2015

The Librarian

Now that's impressive!

Went to a fairly recently-opened branch of a chain grocery store that I used to frequent in Lethbridge but didn't exist in Calgary until this fall. My first visit over there as the store is on a site that's been waste ground "under development" since I moved here in '03 and I honestly have kept forgetting that it was there and I should visit. Cruised every aisle and poked into every corner just to build a knowledge of what is now stocked there, picked up a few things that I haven't seen in a loooong time, had a joyful reunion with their cheese department (the only place with a great variety is the local Springbank Cheese Co. stores), and not only had fun interactions with staff who were serving me but also cheerful, smiling hellos from any of them who happened to pass by in the aisles. Real smiles, not the Stepford smiles you see when it's a corporate decision that staff shall smile at customers, and to everyone ... I'd forgotten how happy folk who work for this particular chain are. (it's not that there aren't happy staff at other places I shop but in this place it's just noticeably universal)

And my membership/discount card that I unearthed from the depths of my wallet and which has been unused for over twelve years not only worked at the checkout but still had my points on it from back then!!! Most businesses would have housecleaned an account that had been inactive that long ... I was quite prepared to have to re-register and start from zero.

Definitely worth the extra couple of blocks and getting across the eight-lane major street stroll. :-)