December 19th, 2015

The Librarian

Knitting progress

As always, many projects on the needles but these are the ones that have been growing recently.

I did get the heels on these socks turned just after my last progress photo showing them at the verge. Now it's just all just 'round and 'round upwards past the ankle until they are long enough, I run out of yarn, or I get tired of knitting 'em ... whichever comes first. ;p

The sequence knitting has proven very distracting/addictive; growing slowly because of the yarn is about the thinnest a fingering weight can be without being called lace weight, but watching the complex-looking patterning emerge from a very simple repetition is fascinating.

And Shetland ruffles is now on its second ball of yarn, which means it's past the halfway point now (at the moment it's 76 cm/30 in. long in its current contracted state ... once the pattern is flattened out in blocking it'll gain length)