December 10th, 2015

The Librarian

Getting closer!

A rough for the cover of the next "Foreigner" novel is now online (click on the cover image to see details). I really REALLY hope that it's still going to be tweaked a bit because those sidearm holsters buckled to Banichi's and Jago's pant legs made me burst out laughing. Honestly, first thought in my mind was Assassins across the continent continually having to fish their guns out of toilets the same way humans here do with cellphones that were in their pants pockets (and since it's made quite clear in the novels that atevi and humans have developed and use very similar facilities this is not improbable)
The Librarian


"All I wanted was to make an experimental subject I could call my own. Someone I could deprive of oxygen or graft an ear onto without them judging me ..."

Found out that iTunes had the first two series of My First Planet in their catalogue (I'd only heard series 1) so she bought, she downloaded, and she's now giggling her way through the whole thing.