October 6th, 2015

The Librarian

Making progress on shrinking the to-read pile ...

Or, in this case, the to-read pixels, I suppose, since these are ebooks. Two new series begun recently, both very nicely addictive and I'll definitely be reading more of each. :-)

Finished the first volume of Martha Long's memoirs, Ma, he sold me for a few cigarettes yesterday afternoon ... an appalling childhood told in glorious language. Long survived pretty much on sheer determination to grow up to be better than the people abusing her and I'd say she's succeeded; the woman is an amazing storyteller as well as survivor.

And this evening I read the final story in James Runcie's Sidney Chambers and the shadow of death, the first volume in a series which has also been filmed as the excellent Grantchester. Looking forward to the next book as well as the next onscreen series.

And, in nonreading activities, after I finished the Runcie I finally sewed all the tiny orange buttons onto my Catkin, which has been sitting around completely finished except for this little detail since mumblemumblemumblemumble, so now it's finally wearable!