October 3rd, 2015

The Librarian

This time it's real

The white stuff is coming down this morning. Not very heavily and it can't have started too long before I woke because then there were only traces of it on patches of bare ground and not on the grass (where it must have been melting on contact); now it's starting to show on the grass as well.

So now I get to feel pleased with myself that I got everything I needed to do done on the two warm days off I took and get to spend the weekend lazily watching the winter preview from inside. :-)
The Librarian

More recreational reading ...

Had a sudden urge to start re-reading James Turner's Nil last night and have been continuing it this morning. Dunno why the urge happened but glad I indulged it ... I'd forgotten how many little "attitude problems" I share with the author/illustrator. I thought this way LONG before this book was published ... maybe it's a just something to do with us both being Canadian (that whole reputation for being "nice" thing is just a front ***GRIN***)


And a poster on a wall in a panel background ("Nil" takes forever to read because the backgrounds are crammed with this stuff). Though I'd never go so far as eating a stupid person after killing 'em. Not from any scruples but from the possbility that stupidity might be a prion condition and I wouldn't want to catch it. ;p
The Librarian

And this is why sharing is dangerous ...

Discovered, due to grabbing the link for "Nil" and thus being lured into the website, that Turner published a sequel last year! (I'd been checking his site for any sign of new books for years with no luck but of course, as soon as I give up on that he flies into action).

The official, pay-for-it print/ebook edition is Rebel Angels, volume 1 but you can also check it out in its freebie original website incarnation as Hell Lost
The Librarian

Making progress backwards ...

Have just spent a merry few minutes unraveling this and this and rewinding the yarns into balls so they can be used for something else. In both cases I like the yarns and the patterns, just not with each other. In the first I felt the yarn was a little too thin and the fabric thus a little too limp plus the colour changes were forming much stronger horizontal lines than I expected and I found those a litle too jarring visually contrast. In the second I liked the multicolour against the simple texture changes at the beginning but as the rows got longer and the colours got more scattered and pooled less ... well, not so good.

One advantage of knitting over sewing; it's possible to undo your fabric and remake it. :-)

I'm halfway tempted to try the fluorescent multicolour with the zigzag scarf pattern because it would be utterly cool if the colours pooled in zigzag fashion up the zigzag (though I have a sneaking suspicion that the entire colour repeat may be longer than the scarf's circumference which would make it not work ... but I'll still try it just to see)