October 1st, 2015

The Librarian

An excellent day (and it ain't over yet)

A fun visit to the hairdresser (carrying treats from one of the Polish groceries ... never hurts to give chocolate to people who use very sharp blades around one's head); with today's cut my hair is all natural colour again except for a last bit of faded red dyed ends to the right of my nape ... obviously my hair grows a little slower in that spot (interesting that that's also the only place my hair ever tangles). So now I'm a mix of grey, silver, white and still some natural red here and there. I'm quite pleased. Then caught the train over from the northeast to the northwest quadrant to visit the comic shop (new volumes of Saga, Fairest, and Lazarus!!!), to the grocery beside the comic shop to pick up a few things they carry that my local Co-op doesn't, then onto the train again headed for home, stopping off at the Polish grocery ... which is on the way from the station ... again (rum cappuchino mix and Polish ham and Canadian bacon for me this time) and London Drugs right beside it for milk and gelato. And now home and have devoured half of the new Saga book along with a very very late lunch of a grilled Polish ham and cheese sandwich (when you can't remember when you last made a grilled cheese sandwich then it's been far too long)

Also taking advantage of the sun being out to take knitting progress photos. Optical Delusion: Conflagration continues to be seriously addictive (it's the wanting to do just one more flame to see how the colours happen in that one, and then just one more, and one more ...)

Shetland Ruffles has been traveling to work with me and gaining rows during coffee breaks ... it was only at the middle bright magenta section when I pulled it out of the neglected pile not too long ago.

And now, back to Saga (and then Lazarus and then Fairest)