September 19th, 2015


Further in honour of the day ...

Knit Like a Pirate

Pirates, by Elizabeth Phillips

Pirate Queen Booty Bag, by Pat Kight

Pirate Danger, by Jeannie Cartmel

We Call Them Pirates, by Adrian Bizilia

Jollyfish, by Julie Ridl

Skullflake, by The Lady Wyvern

Arrrgyle Socks Graph, by Julia Farwell-Clay

Arrgh-gyle Socks, by Camille Chang

Neck Bones Scarf, by Camille Chang

Peggy, by Katie Boyette

Selbudeath, by Erica Grønntun

Clair de Lune, by Alice Nissim

Jolly Roger Mittens, by Pamela Schwab

Grace O'Malley, by Jill Bickers (and shame on you if you don't know who she was)

Robin Icelandic Knitted Sweater, by Lina Olofsson (a boring yarn-company-assigned name for a rather neat Jolly Roger hoodie)

Toxic, by Carol Young

One more bit of pirattitude

I think Talk Like a Pirate Day needs to be on a weekend more often. :-) Been listening to Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew for most of the day (with The Arrogant Worms song "The Last Saskatchewan Pirate" thrown in for good measure). Over at Ravelry the annual special programming that converts forum and group posts into piratespeak was activated and merrily in use in some of the places I hang out in there (it's an optional thing so it's not inflicted on those who aren't interested). Didn't notice any parrots perched on anybody's user pics though (in past years they've appeared on any that had the word "pirate" included in the name). And I declared that the day also merited some theme reading and decided on Kage Baker's pair of pirate novellas: "The Maid on the Shore" (which is included in her Dark Mondays) and it's sequel Or Else My Lady Keeps the Key ... finished the first earlier today and am currently partway through the second. :-)