August 28th, 2015

The Librarian

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Have been distracting myself from our so-called weather with DVD vintages 2003 and 2004 of "Last of the Summer Wine". 2003 was the year Burt Kwouk joined the cast as Entwistle, an electrician who seems to spend more time cruising the neighbourhood in his decrepit pickup truck than he does actually doing repair work. And it's obvious he's was having an absolute ball playing this part.

His introductory scene with Clegg (Peter Sallis) and Truly (Frank Thornton):

Truly: What's your name?
Entwistle: It's on the van.
Truly: --reads van door-- "Electrical"?
Entwistle: Entwistle!
Clegg: Don't think i'm being nosy, uh, just because I'm being nosy, but how come you've got a name like Entwistle?
Entwistle: I changed my name, didn't I? --beat-- From MacIntyre. I was forever being mistaken for a Scot.
Truly: What are you then?
Entwistle: I'm a Yorkshireman, what else?