July 19th, 2015

The Librarian

Revisiting the Count

All inspired by my Zelazny re-read blitz, have now moved on to Fred Saberhagen's "Dracula" series which I first discovered while I was in college. Initial volume "The Dracula Tape" was published a couple of years before Anne Rice's "Interview with the Vampire" and it's definitely a lot more fun, with the Count frequently in fine snark form as he treats readers to his side of the events chronicled by Bram Stoker: "Great heaven, if male hemoglobin were all that I desired I should hardly have gone to all the trouble and expense of buying an estate in London so they should send me a ruddy young solicitor."

Reason for these books being in the queue for re-reading is that, thanks to Kobo, I've acquired the three volumes missing from my library and so now I finally own the complete ten-volume series!