June 20th, 2015

The Librarian

Future reading! :-D

Empowered, volume 9 by Adam Warren; release date August 19, 2015. Going to be interesting to see the aftermath of the major emotional whallop of volume 8.

The cult of the Red King, volume 6 in the Mike Mignola/Christopher Golden Baltimore graphic series (counting the original novel this is actually volume 7 in the Baltimore stories). Guaranteed to be horrific gloom and doom, but GOOD horrific gloom and doom. How appropriate that it's coming out in the dark of winter (January 2016)

Paul Cornell's e-novella, The Witches of Lychford is being released September 8, 2015. Not the third Shadow Police novel I've been eagerly awaiting but I shan't complain about getting a Cornell tale of any kind.

And, much more imminent than these, the new Charles Stross Laundry Files novel is due out July 7!!! (so far as I know Canada has the same release date at the U.S. but I'm quite willing to be happily surprised by discovering that we're included in the U.K. schedule and get it a few days earlier)

In the meantime, the Zelazny re-read-a-thon continues ... just finished volume 8 of the Amber novels and ready to plunge right into volume 9. Also still continuing with adding older, no-ISBN titles from my personal library into GoodReads which is also leading to a growing "I haven't read this in AGES, must re-read" pile ...