June 11th, 2015

The Librarian

Books and bits and pieces

Have been somewhat frying my brain with cataloguing Urdu books at work and it being too damned hot this week to be doing that kind of I-don't-read-the-language thinking (temps more than 10c above the "norm" ... 'tis finally gloriously cooling off this evening with a promise of rain)

At home I'm continuing to enter a few more of my older, pre-ISBN books to Goodreads each evening ... have ended up adding several titles that simply weren't there plus a lot of variant editions of titles that are because my copies are ancient hardcover originals acquired in used book stores. And my oh-I-must-re-read-this list continues to grow as a result.

And on that re-reading front, the Zelazny marathon continues. Finished Changeling and its sequel Madwand last week and then dove straight into The Chronicles of Amber and have been loving every moment of it. Just finished "The Hand of Oberon" a few minutes ago, so "The Courts of Chaos" next and then onto the five volumes of the second Amber series.

And right at the end of "The Hand of Oberon", a few lines worthy of Alberto Pérez-Reverte himself ... granted he'd be a tad more poetic, but it's not hard to imagine Íñigo recording something along these lines in an Alatriste novel:
Collapse )

P.S. I am literate (mostly) and possessed of the basics of punctuation. If you're seeing quotation marks where there should be apostrophes in the cut text it's because LJ is determined that apostrophes within a cut will be displayed as quotation marks and it refuses to do otherwise. I've retyped 'em three times, I've viewed the special character coding and it is correct for apostrophes (and the same apostrophe coding is displaying correctly in the excerpt). Must be another LJ "enhancement"