May 17th, 2015

The Librarian

Knitting progress

Finally managed to capture something close to true colours on that "fluorescent" colourway (second photo). Loving how most shawls look like something found in the Burgess Shale when they're under construction.


The Librarian


Reading the newly-released latest volume in Titan Books' "Modesty Blaise" newspaper strip reprint series ... Modesty and Willie planning an unexpected take-out-some-heavily-armed-bad-guys during their vacation:

Modesty: We'll have to tackle Kung-Li and his mercenaries on our own, Willie -- I know we're not too well equipped ... But we have your knives and your sling, Greb's pistol, some cartridges that don't fit, and some off-cuts of wood -- "
Willie: They'd surrender if they knew!

***now off to carry on reading and find out how they're going to McGyver THIS one!***