April 17th, 2015

ragamuffin lenore


Bought the newest Lenore book, "Pink Bellies, at the comics shop tonight ... author/artist Roman Dirge continues to be a very strange and twisted person. For which we are most glad for the giggles and the utterly bizarre, even in context, lines his characters speak:

"Welp, I'll be in the giraffe room, doing giraffe stuff if you need me."

"I'm a ... I'm just a pickle hat, aren't I?"

"I have no clever comeback!!"

"You guys were right. A couple time-frozen people X-mas trees and one wagon train and I feel a little better ..."

"All these years I've tried to get rid of him ... knives, grenade, lawnmower, bullets ... and now that he's really gone ... I ... I just can't help but think ... if only I had just got a great white shark on day one."

Very odd that publisher Titan Books doesn't have this newest book on their website (though since this is Dirge, maybe it's some sort of arcane promotional thing that requires taxidermy sacrifice to be able to see the hidden page) but they do have t-shirts! Sorely tempted ... this is adorable (we lurves Ragamuffin!!!) and so is this and this

Edited to add: could not believe I didn't have a Lenore userpic ... fixed that now!