April 12th, 2015

The Librarian

Another one off the to-read pile ...

... though right off the top, jumping ahead of volumes that have been patiently waiting for ages. But I figured Nancy Baker's twenty-year gap gave her Cold Hillside the right to do that. And hey, Nancy Baker! First novel in twenty years! No other justification needed!

And hallelujah, the woman can still write! A very good tale, a quiet fantasy with no great quests, no world-domination-type supernatural villains, no magical items of power to be found or destroyed. Just a quiet tale of two women who are blood relatives two generations apart, the younger's POV in the present and the elder's telling the story and secrets of her past. Though a couple of plot points were easy to predict, that didn't matter at all. Like a familiar fairy tale being retold by a superb storyteller, even if you already know the ending you listen rapt because it's a good story. And 'twas like this with the book ... I didn't care that I'd guessed one or two things that were coming because Baker was telling the story so well and I wanted to "hear" how she told it.

If you like Kage Baker's fantasy novels "The Anvil of the World", "The House of the Stag", and "The Bird of the River", then you'll most probably like "Cold Hillside" ... the two Bakers' (and I only just realized the same last name thing as I typed that) styles of writing and types of story are completely different, but there's a similar soul to them, an everyday life feel to their worlds. And I like that. :-)

Here's hoping the gap before the next book is somewhat shorter.