March 21st, 2015

The Librarian

Yes, most definitely need those extra arms/clones ...

What could be more wonderfully geeky than a sock collection inspired by the Burgess Shale? 26 designs named for 26 critters (so far). Slightly disappointed by Anomalocaris as it's just Old Shale/Feather and Fan pattern (I have a large afghan that I knitted in Old Shale. In bouclé yarn. I am never ever ever EVER knitting Old Shale pattern again!). But with most of the others it's easy to see the fossil in the stitch patterning.

P.S. I linked to the Burgess pattern collection overview page out of pure laziness ... 26 patterns after all. I know that I can link individual patterns for non-Rav-members to see but don't know if the overview will be visible to you or not so figured this was chance to find out. Give me a yell if it isn't and you wanna see and I'll do the individual links (or tell me the name of your favourite Burgess Shale oddity and I'll link the relevant pattern if it exists)

P.P.S. Might as well test ebook overview pages as well as collection overview pages; can you see this: Curls? Or this: Curls?
The Librarian

Rain last night, ...

... rain today, snow tomorrow. A good weekend to watch the outdoors from indoors. And make a little fibre progress since I've been neglecting the needles in favour of other things for the past couple of weeks.

Now halfway through the 29th "tooth" of Hitchhiker ... from the size of the remaining yarn ball I think I have a good chance of getting the ideal 42. So glad I opted to do a plain, show-off-the-yarn pattern ... loving how the colour variations are looking in this. :-)