January 31st, 2015

The Librarian

A day in the life of a knitter ...

Knit first two plain rows of shawl border. Start third patterned row and discover that instead of pattern ending perfectly there is a leftover stitch at the end. Undo stitches of pattern row one-by-one and then count stitches across entire shawl to confirm that there 338 stitches when there should be 339. Recount stitches on either side of centre separately to narrow down which half of shawl is missing a stitch. Then examine offending side to determine just where extra stitch happened. Rip back four rows to reach error. ***sigh*** Count again, just to be sure that stitches numbers are correct for THAT row.

Start reknitting what was already knitted. Hopefully correctly this time.

Edited to add: Finally got back to where I was before the knitting gods nailed me, completed that patterned row and it came out perfectly ... no shortage nor excess of stitches. One more patterned row, two more plain rows, and then the bind off! Which means I'm entitled to cast on something new! (because if my quantity of projects in progress drops too low then the knitting gods see that as lack of worship and they'll mess me up in lace instead of plain knitting)