January 17th, 2015

The Librarian

Carrying on with the recreational reading with pictures ...

Just finished volume 4 of The Middleman (which is really the fifth volume because there's a volume 3.14 in the sequence). This one takes a big step out of the original comic book continuity as it's a graphic adaptation of the unfilmed 13th episode of the TV series. Chock full o' tribute nods to Blakes 7 plus other fandoms/geekery (so chock full, in fact, that this volume has a page by page listing of same in the back just in case the reader misses some). Network execs should be kicking themselves unto this day that they didn't okay the filming/broadcast of this tale ... was CHAOTIC EXCELLENCE!!!

Now on to sixth volume Volume 5, which apparently brings the comic book and TV versions of the characters (because comic books and TV are just alternate universes) together as a team ...

One can only speculate on how many reader brains this one has broken.

P.S. Along with picking up the new Saga volume at the comics shop last night I also got a copy of The Death of Wolverine. But saving that because I want to re-read the four Paul Cornell prequel volumes ("Hunting Season", "Killable", "Three Months To Die, book 1", and "Three Months To Die, book 2") first to make sure I have every little set-up detail fresh in the ol' brainthing. Did sneak a peek inside though and Steve McNiven's artwork is beautiful, both the contemplative and the violent scenes (this particular tale could have been far too easily ruined by somebody who favours the anatomy-defying-action-pose approach to everything ... so glad they picked an artist with a realistic style to create the visual side of it)