December 30th, 2014

The Librarian

When all else fails use logic ...

Finished The Hidden yesterday (and now I need a book of Inuit folkloric tales to go along with this excellent guide to the beings in Inuit folklore) and started Michael Palin's Traveling to Work (the recently-published third volume of Palin's diaries). And I freely confess that, faced with a temporary inability to decide which of the really good books in the to-read pile to pick up next, I ended up pulling this one out because it's the thickest and so lowered the pile the most. ;p

Supposed to warm up to -4C today which is much safer for going out on a grocery run than yesterday's temps/windchills. Not actually short of supplies yet (I've had loads of practice in avoid-stores/malls-for-a-few-days food stockpiling) but am craving fresh salad rather than steamed frozen veggies. And that means walking a few blocks to the real grocery store rather than just nipping across the street to Cracovia (only packaged, frozen, and deli foods) or London Drugs (only dairy and tinned/packaged foods)