December 28th, 2014

The Librarian

And so it grows ...

And the amazing Kauni has shifted very subtly from red to orange along the way. :-) These leaves truly are easy to make, but fiddly and maintaining the tension on such tiny yarn/needles is something one feels in the hands/wrists (while the needles are the same size I'm accustomed to using for socks, the yarn is MUCH thinner and the motions are different with much turning in order to do the shaping). So have been alternating these with working on the larger/looser Graphic Infection (which at the moment doesn't look as if it's grown much because last night I found a mistake that I couldn't fix by just dropping down the affected stitch column and ended up ripping out six rows which I reknitted this morning) and catching up on reading (this morning finished Petroski's marvelous The House With Sixteen Handmade Doors which I'd reached the halfway point in months ago and then set aside due to overtime> Loved it, BTW ... read it and you'll look at your own living quarters in a whole new way)