December 19th, 2014

The Librarian


Got my very first ever skein of Kauni yarn in the mail today. Kauni comes from Estonia by way of Denmark. Kauni is gorgeous. Kauni is special. Kauni is magic. If you want to see why I'm saying this Google the word and look at the search's image results. Might want to make sure you're sitting so your jaw won't hit something hard and get bruised when it drops.

I'll wait while you do that ...

If you did the image search everything you saw looks the way it does because of the special way Kauni dyes and plies their yarns ... pretty much every one of those gorgeous things was made with a single colourway of Kauni (and not, as you may have thought, a zillion different colourways carefully collected in colour gradient by insane people).

Also most of the stuff you just saw was made with fingering Kauni. That's the weight of yarn I knit my socks and most of my shawls from ... about the thickness of a pencil lead if you include the slight fuzzy halo that surrounds all real wool. What I just got today is Kauni Lace. Approximately twice the thickness of sewing thread. 280 grams/1960 metres of extraordinary colours. Tomorrow when the sun has come back for its daily brief visit I'll show it to you. :-)

P.S. Anybody who has been paying attention to droolworthy patterns I've been linking here probably has a pretty good inkling of what I'm planning to do with this yarn. In addition to petting it and calling it my preciousssss ...