December 13th, 2014

The Librarian

Fibre playing

Pardon the gloom of the photos ... it's been overcast twilight here all day today so the natural light is far from the best but using a flash just makes the stitchery invisible (stitches are defined by their shadows and using a flash eliminates those)

Decided that cool though both pattern and yarn are, they just weren't working out as a team ... the yarn being a little on the thin side for its weight was resulting in a fabric that was bordering on limp rather than having drape. So gonna rip it out and either use this same yarn with smaller needles or else a slightly thicker yarn with the same needles. I'm thinking the latter ... much as I love the melting effect of the colourway its being at right angles to the flow of the zigzag isn't quite right either.


So knowing that I was going to unravel that one gave me an excuse to start something with lots of cheery colour just to fight the winter darkness blahs (notes on why these particular colours here)