December 3rd, 2014

The Librarian

New music! :-)

Brad Podray has released a new Maximalism "soundtrack: Big Adventure Single!. I love these soundtrack pieces of his; they have no connection to any existing movie/show ... you just listen and can tell it's a spy or romance or fight scene and let your brain make up its own story to go along with it. :-)

Usual deal ... you can listen to or download the track as a name your own price transaction (which means that yes, you can pay $0.00 but it's always nice to give the artist some $$ if you can ... it encourages them to continue composing and performing)

P.S. I really do need to spend some time exploring deeper into Bandcamp ... there's so much good music in there! Like everywhere else, I'm jlsjlsjls in there if you want to check out what I've added (so far) to my music library.