October 13th, 2014

The Librarian

Definitely have to try this ...

... once I get some needles cleared off: Fox Paws. Such a gorgeous effect!

P.S. 'cause I can hear words like "complicated" and "hard" rising to the tops of peoples' brains. This is honest-to-goodness plain ol' stripes. Knitted one colour at a time. One of the fun things about knitting is the optical illusions one can create with it, mainly with use of increases (turning one stitch into two or more) and decreases (turning two or more stitches into one) ... the equivalents of darts and gussets in sewing. The trick is placement and number of increases/decreases .... as the knitting comes off the needles those contract or expand and distort the fabric into something that seems impossible to have come off a straight piece of metal. The real magic is the brain of the designer who figured out the combination to make this happen. ;-)
The Librarian


First episode of "Haggard", one of the finest comedic masterpieces ever to come out of the BBC (with costuming and sets to rival those of any historic drama)