September 26th, 2014

The Librarian

Definitely a Hit

When I was a kid we referred to all packaged cookies (as opposed to homemade) as "sawdust cookies". Because to us that was how they tasted and textured.** Dry, dusty, flavourless things. Not they were a regular thing in our lives ... homemade was the norm in every household in our dairy-farm-based community both because they tasted better and because they were the more affordable option in a cash-rare lifestyle. Needless to say due to that as an adult I've generally baked my own if I wanted 'em or, very very rarely, indulged in a half dozen from a really good bakery.

But tonight after work I was in the Eastern European grocery across the street picking up some goodies for my department at work (they're suffering from severe chocolate deficiency, poor things ... I haven't surprised 'em with "breakfast" in ages) and something new-to-their-shelves caught my eye. And I decided what the heck ... I've not indulged myself in ages (I'm not a habitual snacker so though I occasionally deliver treats to work I rarely think to eat any myself) and I know from experience that European packaged foods are so superior to most North American ones that they're pretty much at opposite ends of the galaxy ...

Short version: If you ever see Bahlsen Hit Caramel & Brownie cookies, buy 'em! They taste exactly and deliciously like their name implies. And nary a hint of sawdust. (yeah, I know, the review is in Polish but I think the photos do the worth-a-thousand-words thing very nicely to make up for that)

**Except for those chocolate-dipped wafer/jam/marshmallow things ... those were very rare treats that were acceptable because the jam plus being sealed into chocolate kept the wafer part from being a dried out crumbly thing.