August 30th, 2014

The Librarian

All done for another year ...

Optometrist (handing me a page with print size going from largest at top to smallest at bottom): I just want to make sure you can comfortably read the three middle sections.
Me: They're fine. (starts reading the near-microscopic print at the bottom out loud without having to move the page any closer to my eyes)
Optometrist: Showoff!

Got another clean bill of optical health today ... borderline astigmatism in right eye is up a bit but it has a history of fluctuation but other than that all is good and prescription for multifocal contact lenses remains unchanged. Trivia learned from optometrist: because astigmatism tends to affect vision either vertically or horizontally he checks which languages each of his patients read the most ... he's found that textbook standard prescriptions are often useless for those who habitually read Japanese or other vertically-written texts so he ends up doing some creative tweaking for them (this came up as a tangent to our discussion about what I do at my job ... I'm expecting the books for my annual Chinese/Vietnamese project to show up any day now)