August 1st, 2014

The Librarian

For fellow sewers/fibre lovers

Sposabella ... a store specializing in lace. Make sure you're securely centred in your seat and have no spittable-all-over-your-monitor substances in your mouth before hitting the "shop now" tab to see what they stock. In other words, oh-so-gorgeous!!! and oh-so-pricey!!! ;-)
The Librarian


Browsing through the new Fall 2014 issue of Twist Collective. Looking at woolly things really isn't the ideal hot summer day activity but I'm easily distracted from the warmth aspect by colours and stitchery. Love the edging on Safra. And Laura Chau's Roxton. Oooo! and Nancy Marchant's Wheat Fields (this last is two-colour brioche ... a technique that originated in Holland and that I want to do more of). Paria is interesting-looking as well ... like Roxton it's a seamless construction (always a bonus, IMO ... I enjoy knitting but hate seaming)

in case anyone's wondering, the trick to seeing more about the designs than one big photo is to hover your mouse pointer over the design name ... that'll open up a small info box that includes a link to a full page of more info and close-up photos of details
The Librarian


I have a bruise midway down the inside of my rightfoot middle toe. How the HELL does anyone get bruised THERE???!!! Especially without any corresponding bruising on the alongside surface of the neighboring toe. And no, I haven't dropped any books (or anything else) on my foot lately ... nor have I been treeclimbing or rocky-bottomed wading or injecting substances or any other barefoot activities that might conceivably cause this.

Aliens must have broken in while I was asleep and done this ... 'tis the only logical explanation. ;p