July 2nd, 2014

The Librarian


I got my copy of Charles Stross' new Laundry Files novel, "The Rhesus Chart, today!!! (actually was left on my desk on Monday by one of the poor souls who went in to work that day). I get as excited about these as I do about Foreigner books (and every time a new volume is published I automatically give thanks for all the good friends** who told me I should read this series ... all of 'em here in LJ)

Guess you all know how I'm spending this evening ...

**Doesn't matter whether I've met you in the flesh or not, anybody who tells me about EXCELLENT stuff is automatically a good friend. :-)
The Librarian

Oooo yes!

About a third of the way into "The Rhesus Chart" and Stross still has the magic. And gotta love a Laundry tale that starts with an incident that makes Angleton break into a sweat (for the uninitiated: if Angleton and Cthulhu were to so much as make eye contact, Cthulhu would be the one crying for its mommy and having to sleep with the lights on for the rest of its existence) and then keeps escalating from there. If only my job didn't require a functioning intelligence (plus, this week, the ability to cram five days work into three days with a side order of figuring out how we can best livemove data into a client's database without screwing anything up) which needs to be fueled by sleep, I'd stay up 'til the small hours to finish the book; instead I'm gonna have to do my impersonation of responsible and pry it out of my own hands for the night (well, maybe ONE more chapter ...)