July 1st, 2014

The Librarian

Further on Canada Day

Yarn Harlot normally writes a special blog post for Canada Day each year but she has to go be a masochist (in a good cause) today instead of carrying on the tradition. However she has linked every past Canada Day piece she's ever written in past years at the bottom of today's post to tide everybody over: Happy Canada Day! Non-Canucks, if you read all of these you will be able to consider yourself well-educated about my country (though I must correct her on a couple of points: while in Ontario ... which is where the Harlot lives ... the legal drinking age is 19, in most other provinces it's 18, and the maximum permitted distance between federal elections is five years, not four)
The Librarian


Supposed to be 28C tomorrow and 29C on Thursday. I'd almost prefer winter. (the last couple of weeks of cool rainy days have been divine for me, temperaturewise)

At least reading Nancy Baker's "A Terrible Beauty" kept my mind off today's warmth ... most of the book takes place in an isolated house in either northwestern Alberta or western Yukon over the winter. (the book is vague about place and time period but it's fairly easy to apply geographical process of elimination, especially when one's country contains only one major mountain range of significant height/depth and only certain sections of it are surrounded by enough wilderness to be able to live days away from railway or town AND gets significant amounts of snow/deep cold). I'm always glad when something I read centuries ago turns out to be as good as I remember ... I've thankfully had very few whatthehelldidIseeinthat? re-reads in my life (so far). I could only remember the barest outline of the plot, so it was like a new read with only an occasional hint of déja vu and enjoyed every bit, with a suspicion that being older, allegedly wiser, and definitely more life-experienced may have given me a better appreciation of the tale than the first time 'round.

Now I have an urge to dig out my two print Baker novels and re-read those ... it's been a while ...