June 14th, 2014

The Librarian


Giving Elvenquest a relisten while I do some database stuff on my computer this morning. I shall never ever tire of Lord Darkness and his rather strange approach to being evil ...

Kreech: Shall I send in the Elite Guard to brutally suppress them?
Lord Darkness: No.
Kreech: Lord?
Lord Darkness: We can't just go around brutally suppressing people willy-nilly. What if they have a genuine grievance?

Hoping hard that there'll be a fifth series of the show sometime soon. :-)
Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler0


Made my planned pilgrimage to the comics shop after work, followed by some most enjoyable reading last night. Ah, Claremont ... characters actually thinking and talking and reacting to each other. Honestly, I'd happily buy a entire series of Claremont stories with any mix of characters with nary a costume, supervillain or disaster in sight just 'cause of the way he writes 'em.

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