May 31st, 2014

The Librarian


Snickering to myself re the Nail Gaiman cameo in The severed streets ... in one page the "real" secret behind his success and why he lives where he does ***GRIN***. Plus the main character who was talking to him is pretty sure he escaped the ... incident.

Needless to say, so far I'm loving this book.

Also realizing that one of the great things about the series is the mix of the four main characters ... they represent a variety and balance of groups without any of them feeling like a deliberate token anything. Three men, one woman. Two white, two black. One gay, three straight. One married, one in a relationship, two single. Three cops, one civilian employed by the police. Two undercover specialists, two frontline workers. Two shady backgrounds, two "clean" backgrounds. And a multitude of other categories too numerous to list. The characters aren't defined by any of these things, they're just what they happen to be and that makes them feel very real, very natural. I'm enjoying that just as much as the plot. :-)

"What about Neil Gaiman?" asked Quill. "Him we can find, presumably, and he seemed to be in the know. We ought to get a statement."
"I've put in a call to his agent," said Ross. "Let's hope he hasn't flown back to the States."
"Yeah," said Costain, "it'd be awkward to have to bring this up on his blog."

EDITED TO ADD: LOL!!! Gaiman isn't just a cameo ... he has a fairly important guest spot in the plot!!! Found this piece by Paul Cornell on using this particular real live famous author as a fictional character: Paul Cornell On Neil Gaiman And The Severed Streets