May 6th, 2014

The Librarian


Towards the end of this week's Gansey Nation post there is a hilarious tale from the world of ebook formatting ... love it! I may have to consider forcing myself to read an electronic romance novel just for this. (I've come across enough mistaken-letter "typos" in some of the classic SF that Kobo offers ... obviously scanned and loaded sans proofing by the suppliers in just this way ... that this story is quite believeable)
The Librarian

We all need one of these ...

The Four Redheads: Apocalypse now! has been my most recent grab from the to-read pile. Bunny (War's widow) has just had her computer "enhanced" by a couple of minions ... now whenever she deletes a spam email using the special red delete button wired to her chair's armrest instead of the regular keyboard delete, a pinpoint satellite weapon targets and disintegrates the spammer who sent it.

The authors of this series really need to be put in charge of the planet. Possibly only for a short while as they're roleplaying/writing the Four Horsewomen of the Apocalypse, but I think the improvements would be worth the risk. ;-)