April 25th, 2014

The Librarian

It's a good day for music

The new Maximalism album eventually nudged my brain into checking the Sea Dawg's Mutiny site to see if the third track had been released yet and it had! Title is "All 7 Seas" Haven't listened to it yet ... Andy Donnelly has an extended "Celtic Show" on the radio tonight with live music (and audience) instead of recordings-in-a-studio so that's what's on my speakers right now ... but shall before bedtime.

P.S. There was logic in that brain path thingy ... Brad Podray IS Maximalism and he's also a member of Captain Dan and the Scurvy Crew; the Sea-Dawg musical saga is a spinoff from the latter. Everything is connected to everything. :-)
The Librarian

One of my kinds of crazy

(oh c'mon, nobody ever just has one kind)

I've never had any urge to make/wear a circular shawl ... I understand the construction, I admire some that I've seen, but not to the point of wanting to have one.

Until now: Malgven

Of course I have a LOT of other things I really need to finish up first, if only to regain some needle tips and cords. ;p

P.S. Kinda slacked off on The Null Hypothesis during the week but hoping to make some progress over the weekend ... it's at 32% right now.