April 11th, 2014

Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler0

Made another pilgrimage ...

... up to the comics shop tonight, braving the chill and the snow (well, it was more like globs of slush splatting out of the sky than actual "snow", but we're supposed to get the real thing tomorrow when it's colder).

Main mission: grab the newly released Nightcrawler #1. Yay!!! Claremont is back!!! Was GOOD!!!
Edited to add: Collapse )

Bonus loot: Rudiments of Wisdom by Cornell (they STILL didn't have his "Killable" in ***grumblegrumblegrumble***), Manifest Destiny by Aaron, Asmus & Carey, and The Names of Magic, by Horrocks. Sort of a pre-emptive reading reward for my having to strike out into the white stuff tomorrow 'cause I have a hair appointment.