April 5th, 2014

The Librarian

Great accomplishments of the day ...

Returned a phone call from my hairdresser who'd left a message for me last night wanting to know if I knew how to crochet chain mail (crochet and I have a poor relationship ... gave her the Ravelry URL because if the stitch exists, it's in there)

Phoned hairdresser back because I'd meant to book an appointment while I was talking to her and the whole chain mail thing kinda drove it out of my mind

Dug out my two tackle boxes of embroidery floss and made a spreadsheet list of the colours I actually have (there's a DMC checklist card in one box but my colour numbers go well beyond the end of that) so I can see what I still need for the superhero alphabet sampler pattern I bought (not that I suffer from the delusion that I'll be starting that anytime soon, but would hate to have a sudden in-the-mood spring upon me and be lacking something vital). Learned I have 157 shades of DMC in my boxes; there's also Kreinik metallics and Caron Waterlily silks in there (plus multiple boxes of tiny glass beads that I'd forgotten all about ... hmmm, beaded lace shawls ...). Must also go dig through collection of aida and linen cloth to see if I have a suitable background colour on hand.

But mainly lots of reading/listening to music ... in short, essential Saturday unlaxing. ;p
The Librarian

Music music music

One of the things I've been listening to today is the new-to-me Ishumar 2 CD. Loving every tune on it but this artist has been the especial standout to my ears: Nabil Baly Othmani

(not the same tune as on the CD ... it's track #5 via the link above if you want to hear it)