March 28th, 2014

Kurt Wagner (Nightcrawler0


Nipped up to Kensington after work to raid the comics shop ... they didn't have Cornell's "Killable" in yet (release date was only a couple of days ago so they might not have it unpacked yet/shelved yet) but I got volume three of Vaughan's Saga (Yay! An Izabel fix! Love all the characters but Izabel is unique among uniqueness), and, of course, the precious AXM #5. Which I would have been devouring the second I got home but I had to waste a valuable couple of minutes putting groceries-that-must-be-cold away first (it's very handy having one's favourite comics shop be right beside both a train station and a grocery store)

But 'tis read and it is GOOD! With a most interesting twist that has some excellent future story potential for our favourite Fuzzy Elf (provided that the editors let the good writers get on with the good writing with minimal interference).

Kurt: "I... ... I came back to life. Oh God. What have I DONE?"

And bonus quote by guess who?: "Just ... prop me up against some railing ... so I can stab somebody in the shins."


Just finished the new volume of "Saga" ... absolutely wonderful!

Izabel: "Hold on, we're seriously going home with the strange man who just puked all over an infant?" (this line makes perfect sense in context. really)

With a side order of awesome.