March 27th, 2014


Still counting down ...

This is the bit I was hunting for to quote last night. Also related to life on the space station ... the importance of humour in interspecies relations. Collapse )

Edited to add: Knew if I dug deep enough in the Interwebz I'd unearth this. An ancient archived thread from back when the above was first published (2001) where fans were trying to come up with atevi/human light bulb jokes:
The Librarian


Ah, the joys of comics forums. Makes me sooooo grateful that my own "ListMom" days are looooonnnnggggg behind me and I shall never ever ever be a moderator again unless I get the title of "God and Executioner" ***GRIN***. Though at least the folks who hung out in KEB had watched "Lexx". Far as I can figure out, 90% of the folks commenting and opinionating on comic book and graphics titles haven't actually read 'em and are, at most, pronouncing judgment on plot and characterization on what few scans they can glom onto "fer free!" online. Plus we'll toss the regular-type trolls into this category as well, since they seem to do the same as the basis for their trollings. Ignore. Out of the few actual readers, at least half don't seem able to remember what happened on the previous page, let alone the previous issue or canon in general (or can't grasp that what happens in movies or cartoons isn't considered part of print canon). Ignore. (thank goodness for user icons ... they make it SO easy to scroll past these posts once one gets a handle on who's who and in which apparent category). 'kay, that's got us down to 5% now. Half of these are either masochists or have seriously empty lives since they seem to spend their precious leisure time reading titles/authors they hate just so they can bitch about 'em online. In we-love-it fan threads no less. Honestly, do they actually think they're going to convert somebody in there?!! This category generally includes the "jaded pseudointellectual, I'm too cool for all of this" types (trolls who think they're intelligent) just because I've yet to see one of them enjoy anything. Ignore. Which brings us down to the 2.5% who pay for and read and think and analyze and are a joy to read because they actually SAY something ... constructive, witty, entertaining ... you see their icon/ID appear down at the bottom of your screen as you go through the thread and are tempted to fastforward immediately to read 'em out of sequence because you know it'll be a treat whether positive or negative because there'll be a brain involved.

These last, of course, have lives, and thus converse FAR too infrequently. ;p

P.S. We won't even mention, except here, the poor souls who have only seen the movies and/or cartoons, have self-confessedly never read any of the print stuff, and thus can't understand anything anybody is talking about ...