February 23rd, 2014

The Librarian

So much to catch up on ...

Have been starting to do some update/cleanup work on my long-neglected webpages, which begins with checking links one-by-one to see if they still actually go somewhere (no point in recoding the dead, right?) which, in its turn has a deplorable tendency to, along with quite logically doing searches to make sure dead links are truly dead and not just at a new address, searching for has-so-and-so-done-anything-new-recently?

In this case, leading eventually to the happy discovery that last summer Richard Moore finally came back from his self-imposed sick leave and has started writing/drawing "Boneyard" again! Definitely another one for the next month's comics shop shopping list. (checked his new publisher's website and along with the new "Macabre" title mentioned in the article, they're publishing new stories in his "Far West" series*** and several other Moore goodies as well!)

***the original "Far West" is long out-of-print (different publisher) and it's always looked like something I'd like to read ... how can one possibly resist the concept of elves with guns in the Old West?