February 9th, 2014

The Librarian

Recreational reading ...

Have been neglecting the yarn and needles in favour of printed pages (well, sometimes electronic pages but it's still books) ... just in the mood for reading the creative constructions of others rather than working on my own. Finished Alex Grecian's The Yard ... was very good and its sequels are definitely on my to-read list. (I know enough of the aftermath and shake-up of policing personnel and methods in London following the Ripper murders to see that the author did his research for this ... it's all properly period with no anachronistic techniques-of-the-future). And knew what I'd be reading next the second after R. brought it to my desk at work on Friday afternoon ... the newest in the Mike Mignola/Christopher Golden "Baltimore" series: A Passing Stranger and Other Stories. A most excellent collection of tales (and there's a new volume due out later this year to look forward to!)

Right now I'm about halfway through Alan Bell's memoir of his years producing/directing "Last of the Summer Wine": Last of the Summer Wine: From the Director's Chair. It's a lovely, gentle, anecdotal ramble through the passing time, just like the show itself. :-)