January 24th, 2014


There's a reason why this series is addictive

Stayed up later than I should to finish Empowered 8 ... read the last page a few minutes ago and all I can say is that there aren't words. There really aren't. Only two long stories in the book rather than the usual dozen+ shorter tales. The first, "Oh, Hell yeah (or, a dozen or so separate vignettes tangentially addressing a single topic)" was excellent, both in itself and as a set-up for the second story, "I never looked in your eyes; I never heard your voice". And that second story was jaw-droppingly, tear-jerkingly, gut-wrenchingly epic. Its roots are in the tale of Orpheus and Eurydice, but taken to the extreme in both emotion and characters.

Adam Warren deserves godhood for this one.

P.S. No, you can't cheat and just start with #8 ... the power of "I never looked in your eyes; I never heard your voice" comes from familiarity with the storylines and characterizations that have been building up over the first seven volumes. You have to know what these characters have lived to really get the meaning of the sacrifices they're prepared to make.
The Librarian

Love at first bite

Sunbites. Trés tasty with nary a hint of greasiness/oiliness and yet not the least bit dry.

Though, because I got mine at the Polish grocery across the street, I'm munching a version not listed on the English site; mine are "wiosenne warzywa" (spring vegetables). Nice 'n' oniony! (and it's REAL onion tomato, cheese, and herbs in these, not mere "flavouring")