January 23rd, 2014


First world problems ***sigh***

I have work to do tonight. No, not the insane overtime level of 2013, but I've been off work three days with a lovely /sarcasm mode silent migraine** right when we're trying to get the decks ... er ... shelves cleared as much as possible before our year end (Jan. 31) and inventory (first two working days of Feb.). And so of course, with exquisite timing, volume 8 of Adam Warren's Empowered arrived today. (Yes, I find this title highly addictive at any time. Plus those lucky souls who've already read it are saying this is the best (and darkest) yet.

(actually, I think it was two migraines back-to-back ... something that has happened to me once before and is very likely this time with the way the local atmospheric pressure has been going up every hour as if it were on a superpowered pogo stick)

P.S. If you've never encountered "Empowered" before, don't be fooled by appearances ... Warren uses this title to deliver the BEST (and frequent) snark about how women are portrayed in most superhero comics. And does it using well-developed characters within damned good stories. :-)
The Librarian

Still enjoying this whole recreational reading time thing ...

(I've been good ... my work got done)

Finished the rest of the Galactic Midway series ... they're short books, so fairly quick reads, and all very very good. While the first volume was about events that lead a small touring carnival from 1987 Earth ending up touring other planets, the second through fourth volumes each focused on a different member of the troupe.

Now I'm reading my way through the Parasol Protectorate series for the first time, thanks to a boxed set deal from Kobo, and LOVING!!! it ... currently about halfway through volume two. And want to give major thanks to all of you who've been recommending these books to me ... happiness is buddies who have excellent reading tastes and share 'em! :-)