December 8th, 2013

The Librarian

Ebook sale!

Closed Circle, the ebook-self-publishing/hard-copy-distribution company run by C.J. Cherryh, Jane Fancher, and Lynn Abbey, has a Winter Solstice Sale on right now ... everything in the shop, both electronic and paper, is marked down 10% from December 6 until New Year's Day, plus dwellers in the U.S. get free shipping on hard copy book orders (discounted shipping for outside the States). You might find a nice treat for yourself. :-)
The Librarian

Things that make you think of other things ...

Posting the Closed Circle sale made something else eventually bubble up to the surface of my brain ... autographed books. I have to confess, I have honest-to-goodness never gotten the whole autograph thing, in books, in autograph albums, on scraps of paper, on body parts ... to me it's just baffling. I simply have never seen the point or appeal of the things (except on cheques ***GRIN***). Proof of having encountered somebody famous? Well, if my friends wouldn't take my word for that, I'd have to find a new word for them. This is why I will, on those rare occasions I've met a writer whose work I enjoy, told them so. Have written and told them so. But I've never ever had the slightest urge to get their sig in my books.

Thing is, for me, a signature in a book should have meaning. In my family we write messages in books we're giving as gifts ... it's a means of saying to somebody you know and care about saying "I wanted you to have this because I think you'll really enjoy it." It's love. Or at least like. And I think that's the crux of this for me ... it's a connection between two people who know each other. That's what makes it special. A signature by an person who's never seen me before, never will again, and wouldn't recognize my face thirty seconds after the encounter ... nope, nothing special about that, no matter how much I enjoy the book itself.

Now an author who knows me signing my copy of one of their books ... that'd be different. That would have meaning. Y'know, something like the time Ernest Hemingway signed all Robert Benchley's copies of his books (I've loved this story ever since I read Benchley's own account of the signings ... 'tis hilarious)

So I'm curious ... am I the only one whose brain quirks in this particular way?

P.S. Vaguely connected to this ... if you've not read any Robert Benchley, you've missed a treat (most people have come across his son's work ... chap wrote this thing called "Jaws"). There are two Robert Benchley books available as online (downloadable) freebies: Of All Things (1921) and Love Conquers All (1922) ... enjoy!