December 4th, 2013

The Librarian

Dreaming ...

... of having a decent amount of knitting/sewing time again (soon!) by spending a few minutes paging through the newest (Winter 2013) issue of Twist Collective ...

Cypri (an excuse for another high-contrast colour combo)

Torque (like I don't have enough crazy going on with knitting The Null Hypothesis, but damn! this is fabulous-looking!)



Prototype (made with Indigodragonfly yarn! ... hover your mouse over the pattern name to see the colourway names)

Lawsonia (I'm not a hat wearer ... I prefer the scarves and shawls that I've made large enough that I can use part of them as a hood as well as neck/shoulder wrap ... but the stitchery in this is fascinating)

And from the Fall 2013 issue ...