November 18th, 2013

The Librarian

This is who you blame (when you're not blaming my mother)

After many many many years, I recently found out where the high school librarian who taught me the basics of cataloguing is these days, and just had a reply to my last week's "Are you who I think you are? and if you are, THANK YOU!" email tonight, confirming that he is, indeed, my former mentor and filling me in on what he's doing with himself these days. At least I didn't send him fleeing screaming for the hills ***GRIN***.

Sooo, in addition to my mother reading to me daily, starting on the day I was born and then letting me read whatever I pleased once I could do it for myself, here's the chap who's co-responsible for what I am, careerwise, today. (now I'll have to have a harsh word with the local public library ... they don't have ANY of his books!)