November 10th, 2013

The Librarian

Winter wonderland part three

Our third snowfall of the season started overnight and is still in progress, piling up on top of last weekend's fall (which, unlike the first, did not melt or evaporate away). And it's -11C right now.

In two days we're supposed to hit +11C

Living in the random season zone is always an adventure. ;p
The Librarian

For the folks who sew ...

Sari blouse construction. Not that anybody's been saying they want to make one, but the multiple darts and their placement are interesting. I've always been impressed by the perfect bust fitting of sari blouses I've seen being worn but it's not exactly socially acceptable to get one's nose right up against one to see how it's done ***grin***.

P.S. The entire blog is fascinating ... a wealth of sewing and embroidery techniques/approaches that aren't the standard how-to sources normally available here!